About Laurels

At Laurels, we want to make it easier for well-intentioned professionals to contribute their skills to important societal causes. If we get it right, we'll unlock a new kind of public-private partnership that does real good for society.

Civic commitments matter. Even in the workplace.

For millions of young professionals, we expect to address the social issues that matter to us while we're at work. The causes that we care about often help define who we are.

Existing ways to express these civic commitments in the workplace are broken.

Passive #hashtag advocacy is mostly useless and conflict-provoking, and beach cleanups and soup kitchens just don't cut it. Lawyers may have figured out how to make pro bono a regular part of work life, most other professions have not.

We want to make impact easier.

At Laurels, we're building a broad set of tools and resources to make it easy for professionals to support important civic causes in meaningful ways with their workplace skills -- without interfering with their day jobs. These important innovations are all included in the Laurels platform.

We've got a purpose that anyone can get behind.

If we succeed in our mission, millions of professionals will begin making important contributions to causes that strengthen the fabric of our society, while also becoming more productive and cohesive team members at work.  If that sounds good to you, let's talk.

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