Community guidelines

Laurels is ultimately a community of people trying to make the world a better place.  With that in mind, we all make some basic commitments to each other.

We're respectful and kind.

We communicate and act respectfully. We don't communicate material that is inappropriate or offensive. We don't send spam or promote commercial interests.

We speak only for ourselves.

Professionals offer their work on Laurels as a part of a corporate team. However, we all agree to speak only in a personal capacity.

When a nonprofit on Laurels gets help from a collection of professionals who happen to work together at Acme Corp, that nonprofit is getting help from those professionals as individuals, not from Acme Corp.

We do our best.

Just because our work is unpaid, that doesn’t mean that we don’t take it seriously. Work on Laurels is intended to be used in live commercial settings by nonprofits, so we do our best to help those organizations shine.

We respect IP rights and the law.

Any work that professionals do on Laurels is subject to our Terms and Conditions, which stipulate (among other things) that the work is freely offered to the nonprofits and usable by them without royalties or other encumbrances.

We also all agree to highlight when any assets (images, quotes, etc.) are subject to copyright, so that the nonprofit can make intelligent decisions about how to use them.

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