Key terms

Some words have special meaning on Laurels.
Here you'll find a glossary of those words.


A challenge is a description of a short project that volunteers do on Laurels to support a nonprofit. A well-written challenge will enable a competent professional to create a useful response in one sitting (typically under an hour).


A group of challenges. Collections can be oriented around one larger goal (eg, "improve my website"), or around a common general theme (eg, "good challenges for nonprofits to start with").


A 501(c)3 organization, based in the US and serving primarily US constituencies. We may broaden this definition later, but this is where we're starting.

Pro bono

A corporate term for volunteer professional work. The term has historically been limited to just the legal profession, but Laurels is designed to expand it to include a broad range of skilled professions.


Volunteers solve nonprofits’ challenges on Laurels by sending a response to that challenge. These responses are typically sent via a collaborative document (eg, a Google Doc) that can accommodate back-and-forth comments if either party has follow-up questions.


A group of colleagues (usually at a company) who work together to solve challenges on Laurels. Individuals on teams can respond to challenges individually or in small groups.


A professional who uses Laurels to support nonprofits, together with their colleagues on a team.

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