Guidelines for responses to challenges

Laurels volunteers contribute by sending in responses to challenges. Here are some general guidelines for those responses.

Use interactive document types

A response should be in the form of a link to an interactive document like Google Doc, a Figma file, or a Canva design.  It's important for others to be able to respond or contribute further.  

Make it shareable

Make sure the file you link to is shareable so that anyone can comment. For Google Docs, this typically means "anyone with the link can comment".

Follow our community guidelines

We take things like IP and decent behavior seriously, as per our guidelines.

Prep for the next contributor

Laurels challenges (eg, "design a graphic for an upcoming social media post) are typically each part of bigger projects (eg, "develop a social media campaign for the fall").  It's always helpful to leave notes to show the next contributor where you left off, remaining questions, etc.

Credit anyone you worked with

If you worked with a teammate on your response, you'll be able to credit them when you submit your response. Anyone who is credited will also see this response credited to them on their profile.

Add a message if helpful

We leave an open "message" field for every response.  

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