Frequently asked questions

What is Laurels?

Laurels is a new online platform for pro bono work outside of just legal.  We make it simple and fun for teams of corporate professionals to express their civic commitments by doing short, high-value projects on behalf of worthy, local nonprofits.

How do nonprofits work with Laurels?

Nonprofits can use Laurels to get help on anything from web design to email writing and social media content creation.  Our team has spent decades building marketing organizations and agencies, and so we work closely with nonprofits to translate their bigger projects into a series of shorter challenges that skilled professionals can knock out in one or two sittings.  And it’s all free for the nonprofit.

How do companies work with Laurels?

Corporate teams run their pro bono programs using Laurels. After signing up, teams host regular, 1-2 hour sessions as part of their ongoing team-building and professional development programs.  Laurels brings the projects, the nonprofits, and a software platform makes it easy for teams to make valuable contributions and track their impact.  It’s all super-social and fun — a great way to give back!

Is Laurels free to use?

Laurels is always free for the nonprofits whom we support.

Corporate teams pay a monthly subscription to run their pro bono programs on Laurels.

Is Laurels focused just on marketing work?

We are initially focused on marketing, communications, and creative work.

Most nonprofits need help improving their communications, including their websites, email programs, and social media presences.  We’re initially focused on making it easy for high-skilled professionals in those domains to provide that help.  But we’re still very new, so stay tuned as we roll out other domains over time!

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